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Industrial doors

RIPO industrial sectional door solutions offer a wide choice of design and customization, ensuring that the door will always be perfectly tailored to your needs.

Solution for any operation

RIPO industrial doors have proven themselves in the harsh work routines of a wide range of applications in the industrial, logistics and service sectors, as well as in the private sector.

Logistics centers

Agricultural hangars

Shopping centres


Industrial sectional door with windows

Industrial buildings

Car wash and repair 

Woodworking factories

Military objects

Time-tested design

5 most commonly used standard colors 

RIPO industrial sectional doors are available in a choice of 5 commonly selected standard colours that harmonise with the colours of most building facades. Standard color doors can be produced quickly, as stocks of these panels are regularly replenished.

Practical and harmonious design

The design of the panels is specifically designed so the height of the boards is always the same. The surface of the metal panels features design-formed, slightly roughened micro-relief, which does not cause sun glare and gives the impression of a matt surface. Texture profile is known as Stucco.

Door panels in standard colors
Industrial door panel design

Built-in windows for light transmission

To allow natural outdoor light into the room, windows can be incorporated into the panels - starting from plastic windows as a basic solution to aluminium glazed sections for elegant look. For particularly exclusive architectural solutions, the panoramic sections can be designed for full visibility.


The right solution for operational efficiency and safety

Door control using mobile app

For restricted access

Door control solutions for a limited number of people are responsible for opening the door.

Door touch control

For unresctricted access

For sites where the area is restricted and the door is used only by authorised persons, such as company employees or pre-authorised visitors.

Door motion sensors

Sensors for automatic control

For heavy traffic through the door, a programmable sensors are very useful in order to open the door without any direct user interaction with buttons, switches or contactless devices. 

Door photocell sensors

Safety systems

Electric motor-operated doors can be equipped with a safety system that automatically stops the leaf movement if an obstacle is detected in its path.

Door spring brake device

Fault prevention systems

Sensors which prevent the operation of faulty doors and block the automatic swing of the door upon detecting that the door is locked by a latch or if critical components of the door structure - springs or cables of the balancing system - are damaged.

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