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Garage doors

Choose from original and simple constructions to endless variety of design, size and adaptability options to best adapt to the appearance and purpose of use of the garage.

Attractive design

The appearance of the door is aesthetically compatible with any facade, while maintaining ease of use. 


By modifying the door components and adding special parts or devices to the design, the door can be adapted to a wide range of applications in different industries. 

Longevity and safety

Modern technology and high-quality components guarantee a durable and reliable door for many years of service. The doors have integrated systems to protect users.


In the last five years, RIPO sectional doors have provided individual solutions for more than 8,000 projects. Experience in sectional door production since 1996.

Doors for various types of buildings

RIPO garage doors have the widest range of adaptability options, and can be installed in endless variety of sizes and door frames. Our doors provide safety and security, and is a reliable ally in your daily routine.


Equipment store



Garage door anthracite

Tool storage

Building extensions

Garden houses


Facade design options

1. Smooth panels

2. Panels with central groove

3. Ribbed panels

For each of these standard types, we have prepared several and, at no additional cost, available color and design choices that harmonize with the majority of modern building designs and the latest trends in construction and renovation.

Garage door facade design options
Garage door panel types

Modern ascetism

In line with the design intentions of modernism, the garage door has a clean and simple design with smooth panels, where the only grooves are the folding points of the door. You can choose from three standard colors - white, anthracite, and black - each with an embedded silver glint that adds an elegant touch. 

Garage door smooth panels
Modern garage door panels
Garage door elegant panels


Garage door panels with a central groove in the middle can add a touch of elegance to the overall design of the garage doors while maintaining proportionate dimensions.

Garage door center groove panels
Garage door standard RAL colors
Garage door practical choice

Practical choice

Panels with deep door grooves are the most popular choice among RIPO International customers. Choose from 5 standard colors that harmonize with the colors of many building facades. 


The right solution for everyday convenience

Garage door remote

Remote control

Remote controls that can control not only garage doors, but also other devices from different manufacturers.

Garage door code key

Code key

The code key is mounted on the wall, and easily accessible from the outside. It enables door control by entering a PIN code.

Garage door control fingerprint reader

Fingerprint reader

The digital wireless fingerprint reader allows you to open the door by scanning your fingerprint.

Garage door control SIM card

Call or sms

A device equipped with a SIM card is installed in the door control unit, which activates the door after receiving a call or text message. 

Garage door control mobile app


Allows to control the door with the most popular "Smart Home" mobile applications. 

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